Wednesday, September 12, 2007

winamp + iTunes = musikCube

There are times everyone around me thinks im insane. For instanace when i rejected iTunes because of the always started itunesHelper and ipodService.exe. Well not exactly for those two, but iTunes consumes way to much memory and takes some considerable time to start up on my lil' notebook with its ULV 1.1Ghz Centrino and 512MB ram.

Because of this is switched back to the Winamp which is great, but lacks some good library functions. Ok, maybe the included media library is good in some way, but it doesnt fit my needs. I liked the way iTunes handled my files much more.

And thats where musikCube comes into play. It is described as a "fast, lightweight music management" tool. And hell yeah, thats true. In some way it feels and looks like iTunes, but tidier, more minimal. And thus it starts as fast as Winamp an consumes a fraction of the memory iTunes does.

With the available cubeScrobbler plugin i can even dispense the tool and spare some additional memory.

Overall i really liked musikCube from the first time it started - about an hour ago ;)
It still has to proove its value in day to day use, but i really think this will replace Winamp and iTunes on my PC.

Nevertheless i already recommend it to all of you not blessed with a bunch of memory. It really is a great tool to hear music and i have to join liveslick who introduced musikCube as "what iTunes should be like" ;)

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I wanna be listet in you blogroll - You wanna know why - Because I said so :-) Second - I share the same opinion regarding I *f*ck*ng Tunes. In the last few Versions Winamp was fixed and optimized in many ways, but they didn´t fix the big / few mem-leaks it´s got. Music Cube could be an alternative, but It´s much to "alpha-like" at this time. Let´s wait a few stables and look in which direction it moves.

Greetings, Steffen

P.S. Y do you blog in english?